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Hi! Thanks for stopping by.
I dearly love and cherish this place I call LAVCINEMA.
I do think this is one of the best places you could land on for wedding photo and video. 
I have been creating stories for weddings full time since 2007 and have continued ever since.
I have created wedding stories for couples from New York, Los Angeles, Westmount, Saint-Anne-des-Bellevue, Bois-Franc, Mont-Tremblant, Laval and Montreal.
Whether you have just started to search for a creative team for your important event, or you are already shopping, I will give you some pointers to help you out.

... with my funny and useful comments ;-)

There are a lot of different offers on the wedding photo and video market these days.
Some people prefer googling them, some prefer visiting wedding related trade shows in Montreal,
some only follow friends suggestions, some only trusts wedding related directories -
there are many different ways for you to find these companies.
I will give you a few tips and tricks to help you decide which company to go to.

I do believe that the first question you have to ask yourself is if you like what you see.
Sounds simple, right?

How to Quickly & Efficiently
find a Wedding Studio 

The Definitive Guide

Step 1. Focus on Style & Creativity.

Here is how we usually ask ourselves these questions:

  • Do I like it? 
  • Do I think it is nice?
  • Is there any feeling in these pictures and videos that I can relate to?
  • Does it flow nicely for me?
  • Is this the style that I want my memories to be preserved in?"

Keep asking and imagine yourself being in one of those pictures or videos. Close your eyes.

Let your feelings flow freely and see what they tell you.

There are a few things that may happen:

You may not be the type of person at all to try out this kind of visualization experiment. In this case, you could ask your fiancé(e), or a person close to you (your mother, your sister, etc… - you will definitely find the best candidate for yourself !

In the case where you do have some emotional feedback - use it as your personal guiding system. Take a look at a few more images and see if you can associate yourself with the vision of this particular artist. Make sure, when visualizing, that it feels enjoyable and it is easy to do in your mind. If not - something fundamental is missing for you to associate with the style of this particular artist.

You may be looking at a picture and be thinking:

OMG! I want to have my veil flowing like that or I so want to have the same looking picture with my bridesmaids around or “OMG this is funny and stupid! I am probably don’t want my pictures to be THAT much fun, I want to see something more proper in my photographs” or

“My best man will totally do the same, I am going to have to ask him to be as goofy as he can!” - there are different ways you can start getting into the process. 

“If you start feeling the pictures it is a good sign that this studio's approach to the Style & Creativity is right for you.”

Step 2. The big picture of the day

Once you pass this initial step make sure the website allows you to see how this particular artists captures different parts of the day.

Most of the typical wedding days consist of the following events :

  • Bride gets ready (aka BGR)
  • Groom gets ready (aka GGR)
  • Сeremony
  • Family Portraits
  • Couple together & bridal party photo session
  • Reception
  • Details through the day:

Jewelry, shoes, dress, earrings, bracelets, bijous, pets’ tux, centerpieces, printed menus, table cards, food, flowers and the decor, sweet table and maybe more.

“The photographer/videographer’s website should give you a good idea how different parts of the day are covered.

Does this make sense?”

Step 3. Moments vs Portraits.

Once you are happy with this step it is time to find out if in general you are more impressed with moments or with portraits.
This is a very rough black and white question, but I have found it is helpful to land on a photo-video company that will be more geared towards what you are looking for.
Moments are more dynamic, portraits are more static. There is no right or wrong here.
Both moments and portraits unfold amazing stories for you, but in a sense it is two different languages, two different mind sets and most of the time different photographers will be more into one or another approach as both approaches takes significant time to master.
Some couples are more into portraiture, others are more into candid moments. You don’t have to be one or the other, you can also be a mix of both. But it is important to ask yourself this question.
So, what is the most important for you? Put some thought into it, and be specific! It will help you land the right company for you!

Step 4: Action !!!

You won’t need to dig into more details yet. This scanning process is more than enough and will take you maybe around an hour to do it. Not that very time-consuming, but totally worth it.

Never forget, it is quality over quantity.
It is better to have less pictures but with good quality, than thousands of shots that you cannot even use or even want to look at.”

Once you have found about 3 companies, do the following 
to find the best Wedding Photo-Video company of your choice:

01 budget probing:

Send them an email and ask them for their price list or at least find out about their basic packages to see if it is within your budget. 

02 schedule a meeting:

Once you receive an answer from them and you are satisfied with the pricing, schedule a call or simply call them. While you are on the phone with them, see if you like the spirit of this company. See if they are respectful or flaky. If you feel they are flaky you might want to move on to the next one on your list.

When you call them, your main goal is still to find out if you are a good match and are going to trust this company to preserve this amazing day in your life.
And literally the best way to find this out is to tap into this company creative process first.
Ask them how they structure their day, what they do, how you can help in the production process and see what they have to say. If they are willing to go over the day with you and start asking some good questions, giving you suggestions, and authentically get excited about creating your video and photos for your special day, you will feel it right away. These vibes are contagious and you cannot fake them!

03 contract options & details:

Once you feel comfortable you can get down to pure business and discuss different options and details of their packages.

What Others Say


Gleb and his crew are some of the best in Montreal! As a wedding DJ I work with many photographers and videographers. La V are so fun to collaborate with and produce amazing results for their clients!

Stefan Jez 

 / Wedding DJ


Gleb!!! What to say! He's a one of a kind artist and he took amazing care of my sister's wedding! V cinéma doesn't treat their work just as a business,instead they are driven by pure passion and care for their clients! You will not find anyone better to truly take care of your special moment,they truly understand how to capture the special moments and make it memorable for the rest of your life!

Charbel El Khoury 

/ Independent Constructor


Gleb did an amazing work of art for us. We watch our wedding video with lots of emotions and we can truly feel all the love he puts in it. He was super easy to work with and we were blessed to have him do our wedding video. Everytime we're watching our video, it's like living our wedding all over again! Thank you for being such a talented artist!

Marlee Gauthier

/ Dental Business Owner

A lot of companies these days offer both
Wedding Photography & Wedding Videography!

What to do if you are looking for both?

Must-have or optional?

There are many couples and even wedding planners who think that wedding photos are an absolute must and that wedding videos are optional and happen only if you have the extra budget. This is a strange belief to me, and I will leave it entirely up to you to decide.
In my opinion, video allows a much more involved experience and so far is still the best available way to relive your Big day and to share it with future generations

Who are your biggest fans?

You may not know it yet, but you might discover soon that your future generations (aka your kids) are your most loyal audience and biggest fans of your wedding photography and videography!
They will be watching countless times your vows, that scene where you are shedding so much tears of joy, your crazy dances, the way your best man helped you get dressed, your dad’s tears, your laughs, etc. You get the idea.

This may sound old, but at the end of the day, it is not about the flowers, the delicious food, the centerpieces, that fabulous limo, or the hippest DJ in town, but it is really about the wedding photos and videos.
Those two will stay with you forever.

Producing a flawless wedding video takes an exorbitant amount of experience and skills.

If you are serious about your wedding film you will need to take a little bit more time to watch the portfolios of wedding videographers of your choice. 
There is no other way around!

With all the suggestions above you should have a very firm ground under your feet,

but if you still feel like you need more suggestions to satisfy your insatiable curiosity:

Here is more:


3 Suggestions for super-picky couples:

Suggestion 1: Style matching

Make sure that the photo and video companies or parts of the same company have similar styles.
It is rare to find a company where photo and video share the same vision of the day and can work in great harmony towards that same direction. You also need to make sure both departments communicate well with each other and work as a team

You can easily get trapped if you try to mix, say, a company who mastered the fly-on-the-wall style photography with a wedding video company who will be staging every moment of your day. The fly-on-the-wall photographers will give you very little or no directions at all while at the same time the videographer will will take at least 10 retakes of tying your shoelaces up. This will result as a huge waste of time and can be an extra source of frustration and stress for you.

ext here...

Suggestion 2: Ask a tricky question?

Ask the video production company this simple question:
“What do you do in pre-production?”
“Please tell me what is it that you guys do during your pre-production stage for our movie.”

Aha! You heard me right!

They might not know or have a vague idea what pre-production stage is.

Here at LAVCINEMA we cherish every moment. Both our photography and videography blend very well in a very balanced way. We work in ways that no time is wasted as we get to take beautiful pictures and seize the moments on video as well.
I do suggest that some parts of the day need some staging.

For example the Couple Together session or portrait session. Some moments do require guidance to make it look its best. But if all is done correctly it is usually a lot of fun for everyone involved.
I will be more than happy to show you both Feature Film and Photo albums from the same wedding, and you will see how much both of them are coherent in style.

Here is what makes the good pre-production stage for weddings:

01 Some knowledge about you.

Here at LAVCINEMA we will send you a form for you to complete in the early stages of preparation and planning of the wedding.

The form will have questions in regards to getting to know you better.

Once we have our first meeting, I will ask you a few simple things, such as how did you both meet, what is it that you like doing together the most, how did you propose.

You answers help to define how you story will be told, substories (mini stories) and shots selection.

Often we decide together to record those stories on the wedding day and use them inside your future Feature Film.

Specified planned shots.
Location dependent shots on the wedding day.
Your personal story shots.
Props available.
Your special requests, preferences and wishes that we can translate into video shots ( e.g. I want shots of myself working out in the gym during the morning, or I need a shot of me and my groomsmen playing poker together, etc)

02 Location scouting.

It is important for us to scout out the premises before the wedding date.

Not knowing the filming location can be the source of so many problems and lead to unpleasant surprises.
For example, I’ve shot in the Old Port so many times. Yet I still visit the place every time I need to shoot a new wedding video there. I need to know if there are road blocks, new construction that may appear during the period of the wedding. In August 2019 a couple wanted to have their Bridal Party and some of the Couple Together in the Old Port on Place D'Armes next to the BMO Building. I said: "Great! Sure!"
I just shot a wedding there two weeks ago. So, I am coming there on Friday to check all the places and all the After the Ceremony logistics and this is what I had found:

Needless to say - "Change of Pla-ans!" Welcome to Montreal!

SUGGESTION 3. Equipment questions.

Once you speak to the company you could ask them about the equipment they use, even if you might not know the terms they use. See if they are excited about this question. If they sound bored by this topic, it should give you an idea of how passionate they are. They should be able to tell you about their past experience with the old equipment they used to have versus the new stuff they currently use. It is a very good indicator if a company from tech point of view is up to date .
We talk a lot about technical stuff in our GEEK section of this website HERE.


Here at LAVCINEMA we spend half of a day, sometimes a full day just to plan your event. We visit locations if needed and we then create a game plan for different parts of the day.
We plan shots that take time and plan how to perform them, all in advance.
We make sure you get to the point with us, that you are comfortable with our photo and video approach. You should not worry about the quality of the shots.

Filmmaking is a craft. 

 Film takes considerably a lot more work than photography, and a lot more prep time. Though prices may vary, you should expect to pay a little bit more for the videography than for photography.

I hope all these suggestions help.

Gleb Galkin

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