Wedding Videography is more than filming your event.

It’s the creative ability to tell a timeless story. 

Good storytelling is one of our unique and best abilities.
Whether it is walking down the aisle, your child getting baptised, celebrating a bar Mitzvah, your graduation day, your workplace event, we can capture your special event and make it memorable.
Getting the essence of your special occasion is what we do. Beautiful nuances in a rich atmosphere will tell your story in a captivating way. We will be able to bring out the best features that will outline the story that needs to be told. 

That's why we were often referred as "Wedding Cinematographers". 

Tony Acosta

Of course, we create the story, but La V Cinema **tells** the story.
Gleb put everything together in such a way that our story is told in a beautiful and inventive way. We had never seen a wedding video like one produced by La V Cinema, and it is exciting when you share it with those closest to you because you get to receive their “wow” reaction. Plus, all the happiness, laughter, and tears are forever captured, and it warms the heart knowing we can relive the amazing event all over again anytime, forever.
“Put something together”? No thank you.
Partner with La V Cinema for your once in a lifetime event.
Thank you, Gleb!

Here At La V Cinema :

We push every possible limit to tell your story.
We always test new ways to tell stories.
We invest in every bit of equipment that helps us doing it better.
We use state-of-the-art equipment, constantly updating our technical knowledge.
We invite you to be part of the process if you wish.
We went through hundreds of screening sessions with our couples and we asked them how our movies could improve.
After 12 years in the making, we are confident you will love your movie.”

Maria & Fernando

Their Cinematography is more than a story of your special day.
It is a story of your love... more than that - it is the story of your life.
Thank you, Gleb!


I love exploring different cultures, observing personal stories, and appreciate the development of different emotions. I can easily detect and follow up on relationships and interactions being built for hours while being as quiet as a mouse in the same room. From my observations I will be able to tell you a story that can make you laugh and cry.
I’ve done this countless times for couples around the world.

And since you are shopping now for a good wedding video, I will share with you, to the best of my knowledge, some insight and practical advice on how Wedding videography (or “Cinematography” as it is often called) works.

It will definitely help you learn how to make your wedding day look and feel like the best experience life has to offer you on your wedding day.

Insider tricks on how to hire the best Wedding Video Studio

[ The Ultimate Guide from someone who has shot,

developed and delivered over 300 wedding films by 2019 ]

Insider Trick #1

Things a video company needs in order to get the best wedding video results

Insider Trick #2

What does it mean: A good preparation process for your wedding video?

Insider Trick #3

The mystery behind BGR and GGR. Do's and Don'ts

Insider Trick #4

Ceremony & Reception hidden treasure. 
How your wedding video company can easily lose or win!

Your proposal and/or any other moment that have been shot with your cell phones can be potentially part of your wedding feature film.”


a few things a video company needs in order to get the best wedding video results.

#1. Staged moments

There will be a good amount of staged moments that will be needed to bring a familiar “cinematic” look & feel to your wedding movie.
Staging everything is not recommended. Newlyweds are not hired actors, they are supposed to enjoy their day, not participate in a realization of a scripted film.
But staged moments helps to build a sort of skeleton of your story. Starting from that, we have a base for our captured moments. And I will be able to add on to that skeleton little stories within the bigger story of your day, and that will create a great emotional buildup.
Lighting, mood, colors, details shots are done in a specific way with specific camera moves to help create emotional build up. This can be staged and is very useful.

#2. Non-staged, natural moments

We need a lot of natural clear, sincere and full of emotions moments. Usually people provide this naturally in large quantities, as the day goes by, and we end up having countless natural moments to work with.

#3. B-Roll shots

Clouds, traffic, city spots around the place we are shooting, pretty night shots of your wedding places.


The secret ingredient of all our movies - good preparation!

Before we show up on your wedding day, we at laVcinema go through extensive preparation in order to make your Big Day run flawlessly.

I’m not referring to equipment preparation, which is actually the easiest part to handle. I am talking about the precise planning and scheduling of your wedding. We need to plan which shots and techniques will work for you best. This will be based on what we have learned about you, once we get to know you. The preparation, as the years go by, became more and more rigorous from our end. You’d think this experience would shorten the preparation period, but it actually taught me that we need to take even more time to prepare for a good and effective day for all of us. Hence, this results in such a joyous experience for everyone involved.

Rest assured we take care of all of the preparation process and you will never have to stress about those technicalities.

INSIDER TRICK #3. Bride & Groom Getting ready

Staged moments, non-staged moments and b-roll shots are shot by us. These parts of the process are completely transparent to you.

However, here are a few things you can do to bring your movie to the next level. 
You can help us by organizing good speeches, wishes, vows, and letters to each other. All this – provides us with a lot of mini stories that help to drive the main big story(of your wedding day) along.

Tip #1. Read a letter to each other in the morning.

This makes a most powerful moment. I strongly advise you to to write a letter to your spouse-to-be and read it in the morning before everything starts. It should be prepared and written before the morning of your wedding. We will film each side separately. It makes an interesting part of the wedding movie, as it will be a story within a story, and adds a great pace to the film. This helps build up the story line. And above all, it empowers both of you right at the start of the day.

Many of you will say : I’m not a writer, I can’t act, this makes me feel weird when I think about it, no way I can do this while you are in the same room as me…

Hey! If it feels bland and neutral to you, then I will have to use all of this extra film-making tricks in order to add emotion to the movie. If it does feel weird and you might feel a little uncomfortable doing this, well… this is EXACTLY what is needed. Getting married is a very emotionally charged day and one of the most important days of your life.
Remember we are creating a movie here, and emotions are really important while we are crafting your story together. This actually looks so good on camera, so trust your emotions and slight discomfort, and let it happen.

During my years of experience I’ve discovered this paradox:
The more a person thinks they are not romantic, the more the person thinks they cannot write anything or express their feelings, the bigger the impact resulted from doing these scenes of reading out letters to each other. Don’t ask me how that works… it just does! Tried and proven countless and countless times…

Even the most insensitive and so to say unromantic grooms started to shed a few tears while reading their sincere letter on their wedding day. You can never underestimate the power of anticipation of your ceremony on your wedding day! It is a tremendous source of emotions that will eventually come out throughout the day.

My biggest advice for both of you is this - just do it. You’re doing it for you and future generations. Not for the film-making crew, not for us. These moments are beautiful, unique, and only have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be caught on camera.

If you are preparing custom vows you will not have to write this morning letter to your better half. We can record the reading ( or writing) of these custom vows in the morning and then will figure out later how to inter-cut with your actual vows during your ceremony.

Tip #2. Bridal Party Interviews

Another interesting thing to shoot during the morning are the interviews with your bridesmaids/groomsmen. It can often be used as a great separate storytelling arc.

It only works well if you want to record interviews for bridesmaids and/or groomsmen who will not be giving official speeches during the reception. If they do a speech, chances are they might end up repeating the things that they will say during the evening, which defeats the purpose!

Also very important : your close ones can record themselves with their cell phones, tell stories about and send them to us, and we will include them in the wedding video. This is a great asset for those who will not be able to make it but you really wish to have them be part of your wedding anyway!
It is a great way to do it and it is completely FREE.
Instructions on how to send us the full-resolution videos from cell phones are here.

Do you want to see brides and grooms

who claimed they were not writers?

...and you be the judge of the results.

Don’t hesitate to fill out a request below. I will send you a couple of movies where you will see brides and grooms who first claimed they were not writers, 

and you be the judge of the results.

What Others Say


Gleb is a real artist.  His work is unique.
He truly captured the very best moments and succeed to built it in a way that is endlessly surprising. I have never seen something like this. 
Watching the video made every moment and emotion present and alive, once again, in a very deep way. I know it is going to be even better to watch as the years will pass.
Thank you so much Gleb for doing a truly remarkable work and giving us the best memories of this very special day.
I will recommend you to anyone who wants to have the best day of their lives made into a beautiful film.

Elena Restrepo 


Gleb did a great job with our wedding video! We can really see all the time and effort he put into it! He is so dedicated and passionate about what he does and I truly believe that's what makes him so amazing at it! I will definitely recommend you to all my friends!!

Maryse Helmi  


We were very happy with how our wedding video turned out. Gleb was great to work with and we would not hesitate to recommend La V Cinema to anyone who is looking for a fantastic take away from their wedding day.

Thank you, Gleb!

Taline Tachjian


ceremony & reception.

Remember, custom vows increase the power of the emotional impact during your ceremony.

This will be a great moment in the feature film.
Well prepared custom vows virtually guarantee tears on that special moment!

i want to see  an example

Fill out a custom request and I will send you movies with custom vows so you would see what I mean.

The emotional impact is unprecedented!

during reception

make sure you have at least 4 speeches.
In order to get a well-paced movie with a good flow, good speeches are THE must-have.

#2 During your wedding preparation, if there is anything you liked from other wedding films and you would like us to reproduce parts, style, even content, please don’t hesitate to send us print screens or web-links. Don’t forget, the sky is the limit! Everything will be meticulously assembled the way you wish and I also wish to provide you with the best experience possible.”

Gleb Galkin

Wedding Cinematography is The Story of your special day.
Wedding Cinematography is The Story of your love.
Wedding Cinematography is The Story of your life.

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