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How can you let your guests get great shots at the wedding while helping your wedding photojournalist get his or hers as well? Fortunately, the two goals are not mutually exclusive. Professional tips and techniques that your wedding guests can use to kick their personal photos up a few notches, while ensuring that their efforts will not detract from the “official” photos produced by the hired photographer.


There are some moments at a wedding everyone wants to remember, but even as an amateur photographer, you don’t want to jostle someone and ruin their shot for the sake of your own! While you may want to capture those picture-perfect moments as badly as the professional photographer, he’s the one the B&G have hired. Try to be conscientious of him. Know where he is standing and how your flash may affect his work. If you are flashing away at the same subject as the professional photographer, the light from your camera may throw his off. If you find yourself shoulder to shoulder with him, simply ask if you’re in the way. A little courtesy can go a long way.


Although hiring a wedding photojournalist means expecting a very different style from typical formal wedding photography, the posed family photos are still an important part of the day for some. So as a guest, this is the time to step back and allow the professional the room he or she needs.

When it comes to the formal shots, the good idea is go get it done as quickly as possible, so that B&G can do what they want to do during the couple together/romantic session. If guests say ‘let me get in there and get a picture after you,’ it drags out the time. Guests should recognize and respect the fact that couples typically want to stay on schedule, and should adjust their photo-taking agenda accordingly.


A lot happens during the course of the wedding day. There are countless moments to capture a “story.” Look for them. Place yourself in the mind of the storyteller, watching events as they unfold. Find those opportunities in which the guests of honour and their guests interact in interesting and exciting ways. For instance, a great photo may be of the B&G leading their guests in a particular dance or the ring bearer who’s lost his direction down the aisle. Be prepared to capture those moments that stand out.


Most good photos depend on a little bit of luck. The pleasure of photography is that not everything can be planned; you just have to be there and be in the moment. Plenty of surprises happen during a couple’s big day. Just keep your eyes open, try to anticipate what may happen next, and you’re bound to capture some of them!

Remember WE WILL give you an opportunity to print anything you need straight from your phone.

Take pics any time – print during the ceremony or reception.


Often, guests will get caught up in the moment and forget that the purpose of the wedding is not for them to capture the perfect shot. Be aware and look around the room, especially during the ceremony. If you feel like you want to step out into the action and take a picture make sure you’re not getting in the photographer’s way. It’s something you can check out with some easy, non-verbal communication.


Often wedding photos taken by guests end up as one straight shot after another of the bride and groom and other folks present. Pictures like that would not add much to the Big day’s memory.
It would be more fun to experiment and try different tactics. Try to take pictures that makes you happy. It’s a good indicator for a great moment caught!

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