Karine & Alain – 3 Love Story Teaser at reception

Below is the teaser we played at the reception soon after guests were seated. The 3 Love Stories were played throughout the evening during food service. Karine & Alain loved the videos so much, they also asked us to film their wedding – 4 videos filmed/created for Karine & Alain 🙂

Karine & Alain had a unique vision.

They decided to organize their whole reception around a 3-part Love Story.

Part 1Le Mot de Passe – was about their first look. This part was shot in a hospital. If we could rate it, it’s – Incredibly Funny

Part 2Call Me Karine LaMontagne – this part was built around the true story of how
Alain proposed, about their feelings towards each other,  and about their life together with their two children: Emmanuel and Damien.
Rated R for Romantic and Sweet 🙂

Part 3Oppa Alain Style – was a very funny story of Karine’s & Alain’s preparation for the first dance.
And… the opening of the dance floor.
Rated – Utterly funny

Karine’s last name is LaFlamme, so … well… we came up with a name for their “production company” – LaFlammable Pictures.

LaFlammable Pictures

We had so much fun shooting the three part Love Story,  and even more fun seeing how much people laughed and cried watching

the movies. And how emotionally packed the night was because of the screenings.

It was more like a movie night for friends. It was fun, it was different – we want to thank Karine & Alain for giving us this amazing opportunity
to be part of their big day, and part of their lives for several months during which we designed, scripted, shot and developed their Love Stories.

Wishing you a lot of Love and a Happy Life together 🙂

Glib Galkin & The Team

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